Wind Gap S.C.
In-House Soccer Programs



#1-  SWEET TEMPTATIONS- Coach Jess Martin                   #2-  FUEL CELL- Coach Braden Hendershot

Lannie Cole                                                                                      Eveyln Hendershot

Raylyn Hooper                                                                                  Lily Markopoulos

Natalie Eibeck                                                                                    Sophia Markopoulos     

Olivia Bozzuto                                                                                   Reid Kotulka

Savannah Martin                                                                               Trexler Moore

#3-  ANTHONY’S PIZZA-  Coach Jeff Moyer                          #4-  WIND GAP CHEVY- Coach Jim Moyer

Julia Moyer                                                                                       Owen Moyer

Taylor Vidumsky                                                                               Francesca Reto

Ella Garcias                                                                                      Alexis Dorn

Aubrey Dehart                                                                                  Emma Chaney

Taylor Rose                                                                                      Michael Stein


#5-  T.H. PLUMBING- Coach Ron DeCesare                          #6-  PETEY’S EATEYS-  Coach Rich Kerzner

Rocco DeCesare                                                                                Halden Kerzner

Cole Lobb                                                                                         Callia Wilgus

Ella Mamana                                                                                      Katie Wilgus

Julia Gallagher                                                                                   Madacyn Rivera

Henry Hauff                                                                                       Vivian Miller

Megan MacLeod                                                                                 Joey Corsetti

Mark MacLeod                                                                                    John Keller

#7-  PRINTS GALORE-  Coach Dan McGirr                               #8-  SWEET TEMPTATIONS- Coach Ken King

Emily Morris                                                                                       Lukas Wagner                   

Allison Morris                                                                                     Juliana Shelly

Kayla Weeast                                                                                    Delaney Brinker

Claire Ceraul                                                                                      Jacob Martini

Samantha Fanelli                                                                                Christiana Fisher

Ashlyn Oessenick                                                                               Nathan Curtolo

Markus Ikona                                                                                     Nuallan King

Joshua Katz

Morgan McGirr


Wind Gap Soccer is looking for parents to fill the following positions for our Fall In-House Soccer program.  Positions listed below are worth full work bond credit:

Snack Stand Coordinator- Will make snack stand schedules and coordinate with parent volunteers to fulfill their work bond requirements.  Keep weekly inventory of snack stand needs.  Work with In-House Coordinator and Soccer Coordinator to make sure volunteers are properly credited for work bond.
Field Prep-  Line fields every week for in-house program, and refresh as needed throughout the week depending on weather.  Check condition of goals and nets before each session.  Work with In-House Coordinator and Soccer Coordinator to address needs for equipment replacement.

Please contact Gregg Hoover at for more information or to volunteer for any of the above positions.

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