Wind Gap 
Area Athletic Association

Who To Contact

How do I resolve an issue that comes up with my coach, team, or other parents?

--Try discussing the issue with the coach.  Coaches are the first line of WGAAA representatives who usually know the most about specific situations.
--SPORT COORDINATOR - If you feel uncomfortable discussing the issue with your child's coach, contact the coordinator who deals with that particular sport.
--WGAAA PRESIDENT or BOARD MEMBER-- current officers and board members of the organization are listed on the home page. 
--WGAAA MEETING-- check the calendar for specific dates, but WGAAA meetings are held at 7:30 pm, in the Wind Gap Fieldhouse (above the snack stand at the Cal Ripken Field), unless noted.

Please realize that we are all volunteers in this organization,  working together to teach the children in each of our programs the fundamentals of the sport, sportsmanship and teamwork.  Our primary goal is to teach the game; winning is secondary.
Contact Information


President-- Tony Borger         
Vice President-- Sherry Acevedo 
Treasurer--  Dave Maggipinto
Secretary--  Peter Stinson      

Baseball--  Joe Gennusa       
Softball--  Sherry Acevedo                 
Soccer--  Gregg Hoover         
                  Peter Stinson          
Basketball--  Beth Lilly            

General Information     

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